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Samsung - MSL Code

Price : $25.31USD

Important Information:


- T-mobile apps, Metro app Unlock and Sprint samsung NOT supported

- Only phones which ask for unlock code supported

- This service is good for hardlocked phones that do not get unlocked via code.

- Knox tripped phones not supported so make sure and check knox first before ordering ( PUT IN DOWNLOAD MODE TO CHECK KNOX STATUS)

- Many newer devices' serial numbers are not the same as the internal MSL Address.  Please follow the steps below to read the correct internal MSL Address. No refunds if the orders is placed with the incorrect information.

- Supplier does not offer refunds in any case. 

- We are not responsible for lack of knowledge / experience on the clients part.  Please only order if you are comfortable with the terms of the service.

- No cancelations available. 


How to read the correct MSL address :

- Connect phone to Z3X and pick correct model.

- Press unlock and z3x will ask you to enter MSL.  Enter and 32 digits.  For example:3741493B54070XXXXXXXXXXX585D4A2NYD and you can simply press cancel when asked to submit MSL address.

- When the unlock fails, look at the log. There will be 2 serial numbers.  The 2nd is the true MSL Address. Please use that to order.

- If an error prevents you from being able to read the 2nd serial number, flash the combination modem to the phone and repeat. Without the true MSL Address we cannot calculate the correct MSL for your device to unlock it.


Example Order:



Sample Result:

MSLAddress: RF8H531PLF


* For EXYNOS devices use UART or USB cable

* For QUALCOM devices only use UART interface 


This service is 100% accurate from a database.  The only way it can fail is if:



IMEI or Serial changed

CDMA Phones (Boost, Sprint, etc)

MetroPCS/T-Mobile Apps