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Huawei FRP KEY - IMEI [ Real Time INSTANT]

Price : $17.34USD

Service Information:

- This service is used to remove the google account.  The result given is a reset key for a hard reset. 

- Factory Reset Protection ( FRP ) is a security to prevent unauthorized access of any android devices.

- ABSOLUTELY No verification/refund in any case.

- Link to the software: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1OxBvFBGiTlaCokXPRkJX2keQEM_V1PhY

- Tools donwload link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1rHexg8wW7Gl_6iGQCVW2nPB7SAUIqHaE/view?usp=sharing

- Do not order if can not wait.  No cancelation allowed.  No verification allowed.  No exceptions.  Do not order if you do not agree. 
- Weekends and holidays are not included. (Can take up to 48 hrs)
FRP Unlock Requirements:

- Huawei fastboot drivers

- Huawei official FRP Unlock Tool

- Huawei official FRP Unlock Key

- Huawei FRP Locked Phone & USB Cable

How to Unlock FRP Lock on Huawei:

- Download and install Huawei fastbook drivers on your PC

- Connect your Huawei device to your PC - fastboot mode

- Make sure your phone driver is installed.

- Run as Administrator - Huawei Official FRP Unlock Tool

- Enter Huawei FRP unlock key & click FRP Unlock

- Device will reboot automatically - FRP Unlock Success!


Example Fastboot Mode on HUAWEI P9/P10


Example Fastboot Mode on HUAWEI P9/P10

Begin by holding down the Power key in order to switch off the device.

After that press and hold Volume Down for a while.

Then connect your smartphone to the PC by using Micro USB Cable.

You should release held keys as soon as the desired mode appears on the screen.Service works ONLY on working days.